Student's Registration

Please wait until you have your project team and project title identified before initiating student registration!

All students will need a unique email address in order to register.  We will not be using this email for any kind of contact so using school email addresses is a good idea to accomplish this (understanding that they often don't work for contact with non-school accounts).  

If you are a teacher registering your students, a simple common password can be used.  The password is there to allow you to make changes after registering if you need to. 

Pay careful attention to the instructions if registering a group project.  Register the first student, then check the box "this is a group project" before registering the remaining students on the team.

Student accounts will be cleared after this years contest to retaining log-in information for next year is not required. 

Thank you for pre-registering.  We can't wait to see your project!


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