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Join the 2021-2022 Inventerprise crew for another journey into the depths of your imagination! This year’s mission will be focused on sports.

Sports have been part of human culture since the earliest civilizations and continue to evolve. Reinvent your favorite sport: make it better, more accessible, more exciting, or even change it into something new.

Here are some ideas to help you get started.
Remember, these are just ideas. Don’t let them limit your creativity!

Equipment                        How will you improve the equipment needed for your favorite sport

Garments                     Uniforms, protective gear, shoes, accessories: the possibilities here are endless!

Storage/Transport          Equipment can be heavy, bulky, and oddly shaped making storage and transport of everything difficult. What’s your invention that will improve this?  

Venues                               Stadiums, fields, gyms. How will you improve the location of where your favorite sport is played?

Environment                    Sports are a great way to get out and play, but can be destructive. How can you make improvements that are more environmentally friendly?

Safety                                What can you do to ensure the safety of everyone without compromising the playability?

Accessibility                 Many sports are unfortunately limiting in who can participate based on physical limitations. Invent ways to be more inclusive.

Fans                                   The fans are key part of any sporting competition. Let’s not forget about their experience!

Adaptation                   Cricket on a rocky hillside? Rowing in the desert? Innovate ways to adapt sports so that everyone can get introduced to them!

Education                          It’s always fun to watch a new sport, but can be confusing if you don’t know what’s going on. Wouldn’t it be cool if there was a simple way to quickly understand the rules?

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Questions about the contest? Contact Nate Glutting (nate.glutting@lonza.com) or Amanda Pluntze (amanda.pluntze@lonza.com) by email or phone (541-382-4100).

About Inventerprise

The Inventerprise Contest began in 1992 as an outgrowth of a business-education partnership between Bend Research Inc. and the Bend-La Pine School District to promote science education and enrich students' educational experience. In 2003, Central Oregon Community College joined the effort of preparing this contest. 

Each year, the contest poses a question to spark the imaginations of would-be scientists, challenging them to pursue inventive solutions to pressing problems. The contest is sponsored by Bend Research Inc., as part of Lonza Pharma Biotech, with assistance from the Bend-La Pine School District and Central Oregon Community College.



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